Redefining the Management of Commercial Roofs.

The techniques employed by roofers have evolved over the years. The same holds true for our company”s mission statement . When the company was first founded, the founder, Rolland

Boudreault, advocated that “The best work to be done is always the work that the client needs.” Over the years the company began to diversify into commercial roofs in addition to residential.

Even though this change of course to commercial roofs proved to be an important step for the company, it was accomplished gradually and without any problems. This diversification

prompted the new management team to redefine the company’s mission statement. This mission has evolved to “A job well done is a way to earn your living for a long time.”

Commercial Roof Management

We believe that it is necessary for a company to make adjustments based on changes in the market and in its external environment. At CRB, we are roofers from generation to generation. The evolution our mission has been made possible because this mission is now an integral part of our genes. The past values are part of our DNA. A legacy passed on to the next generation of the company.

With the arrival of a newer generation of roofers, the company mission statement has now become: “Treating every roof as if it were our very own!” After 3 generations of roofers, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that we have expertise in commercial roofs management. We seek to share this expertise with our customers. Not only do we want to share it with you, but the management of each commercial roof will be carried out as if it were our own.

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