Our Story


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a 3rd generation family-owned business.

Couvreur Rolland Boudreault is a family business founded in 1972, and operating in the construction industry, specializing in roofing, in the Outaouais region and its surroundings.

Our dynamic and highly-skilled workforce use the most well-maintained specialized equipment to reduce physical effort while increasing productivity. This allows us to offer you even more competitive prices.

At Couvreur Rolland Boudreault, RESPECT, A sense of BELONGING, and QUALITY of the WORK performed are values close to our hearts. Whether it  is a sloped roof, a flat roof, a roof deck, a green roof, a repair or preventive maintenance, CRB aims to exceed your expectations.

Trust Couvreur Rolland Boudreault, who has stood out over the years, and who has become a leader in the roofing industry. We look forward to working with you on your next roofing project!

The evolution of Couvreur Rolland Boudreault

Théo Létourneau

In 1944, at the age of 18, our founder, Rolland Boudreault, made his debut in a new trade as a roofer-tinsmith for Théo Létourneau. He thus grew within the business for 28 years and became the key person linked to the company’s success.


Rolland Boudreault

In 1972, for lack of succession, Mr.Létourneau, who was getting older, was forced to close this business. He therefore decided to transfer his well-established clientele to Rolland Boudreault. So Mr. Boudreault, the craftsman, launched his roofing and tinsmithing activities.



In 1983, Couvreur Rolland Boudreault was incorporated. The company started out
in the basement of his principal residence and he got his sons interested in the business, giving them a taste of self-employment. Rolland maintained a reliable and fully satisfied clientele over the years, until he too planned to pass the business down to the next generation.


A Family Affair

In 1987, Mr.Boudreault’s son, Guy, decided to take over the business and to continue its development. Guy and his wife Johanne, through their unfettered determination, succeeded in conquering new challenges, propelling the company even further.


Guy Boudreault

In 1990 , Mr. Guy Boudreault became the sole shareholder and the manager of the company. However, Mr. Rolland Boudreault remained with the company for another year before his well-deserved retirement in 1991.


Quebec Master Roofers’ Association

In 1995, Couvreur Rolland Boudreault joined the Quebec Master Roofers Association, thus distinguishing itself even further.


Licenced General Contractor

In 2002, the company added the category and sub-categories related to general contracting to its license with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. These new qualifications helped broaden the company’s horizons and diversify the types of work performed.


Josée and Marc Boudreault

In 2006, Josée and Marc Boudreault acquired the company Couvreur Rolland Boudreault, which continued to flourish through the generations.


Our Philosophy

« Have the courage to be different »

The “soul” of the company is deeply rooted in the values instilled by our founder, who advocated that “The best work to be done is always the work that the client needs” which evolved into “A job well done is a way to earn your living for a long time.” and finally became “We treat every roof like it were our own.”

The entire company is structured in such a way as to allow all work to be completed in a considerate manner without ever compromising quality to save time.

We are continually innovating to be at the forefront of our industry,
especially in the way we use technology to redefine the best practices in planning, management and communication as well as quality and safety control.

Our very passionate and devoted staff understand the objectives and the challenges facing our clients. Our clients thus feel comfortable and confident with our entire staff who give them special, intimate and professional attention which gives them the impression of having a personal partner in the management of their roof.

Our team is always smiling and well organized, and safety is an absolute priority. The fundamental values of accountability, trust, participation, and evolution are reflected throughout the company. We always act with the utmost integrity, and we treat everyone with respect, all the while taking responsibility for our actions. We work hard while having fun!

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our people have the opportunity to show their initiative, because they have the confidence to make the right decisions. Collectively, we aim to leave a good environmental footprint and to improve our society for future generations.